Theoretical Physics and more

I am a Professor in the Physics Department , Enrico Fermi Institute , and the College of the University of Chicago . I belong to the particle theory group and am a member of the Kadanoff Center for Theoretical Physics . My research focuses on string theory and particle physics, but I have side interests in mathematics, condensed matter physics and cosmology. For the last year or two I have been working primarily on "umbral moonshine," a surprising set of connections between mock modular forms and the representation theory of certain special finite groups, and on the connections of this moonshine to heterotic string compactifications with N=2 supersymmetry and the counting of BPS black hole states. For brief descriptions of my research in this and other areas along with links to my papers, please click the RESEARCH link at left.

Contact Information

Email: j-harvey at
Phone: +1 773-702-9897
Work Address: Enrico Fermi Institute, 5620 Ellis Ave., Chicago IL 60637 USA